Thursday, November 17, 2011

Development Update

It has been too long since my last post.  The problem with bootstrapping is that the day job gets in the way of development.  In the last month and a half, I've written less code than I would have liked but at least I've still made some progress.

The gladiator school code is nearly complete although I missed my end of October target.  Fine tuning and additional testing is all that is left.  After this is wrapped up, I plan on going back to the defect list and tackling a few of the issues with the combat code.  Most of the defects are extremely insignificant but I do have one that is a bit nasty that will require some serious walk-through to fix.  Ah, the joys of debugging code.  At least it's mine.

Writing this much code can be tiresome but there are times when it is quite rewarding.  Last month, I had written a portion of the gladiator school code that ended up to be around 900 lines when finished.  It was not pretty and was definitely over-engineered for the problem it was solving.  After a few days of thinking and trying ideas, I was able to make the code run faster with less lines - 75 to be exact.  That's when I enjoy coding.  Of course, there's always the 4 hour debugging session for a typo that puts it all in perspective.

If I haven't discussed gladiator school yet, I'll dedicate my next post to that topic.  There are actually a few different school options for both servant and citizen.  I'll go over those next time.