Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Are Some of the Things You Can Do in Colosseum?

Here is a short list for CR4.0 (note, we have functionality planned for 10 point releases after the base release):

- Gladiator Combat
   --- random matches, challenges, specialized matches
- Gladiator School Training
- Servant School Training (for non-combat skills)
- University (for citizen and some servants)
- Buy and Trade Goods
- Send / Receive City Post (mail between citizens)
- Portal travel (between cities, citizens can reside in 1-3 cities)
- Puzzle / Dilemma Solving (many tasks/investigations into the city and empire)
- Dive into Rich Content (history, reports, political articles, etc.)
- Combat Analytics (detailed stats by gladiator, arena, citizen, etc.)

Planned Functionality After Base Release (timing tbd):

- Gladiator Tournaments (by city, by weapon, by division, etc.)
- Chariot Racing
- Olympics
- Political Involvement (running for Jr. Senator, Senator, etc.)
   --- citizens shape laws in the city and/or empire!
- Military Involvement (citizens can buy posts in the military and command legions!)
- Group Combat (beyond the typical pairing, e.g. 2 vs 1 or 5 vs. 5)
- Professional Sporting Leagues (more on this at a later date)

Technology Advancements:
- Results Push to Player's Devices (phones, email, etc.)
- Phone Apps for Submitting Strategies

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