Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who is Behind Colosseum?

Thom - Owner and software developer. I developed the first release of Colosseum back in 1994 as a play by mail game. Since then I've rewritten or restructured the game a few times.

Colby - Main content developer. He writes the majority of the content outside the combat system (e.g. history, stories and plots, languages, university texts). Tough job. Loads of writing and staying organized - there are thousands of NPC personalities to manage. He has been involved as a player and contributor since the first cycle of the first release.

Jeff - Project manager. Hardest job of all - keeping us all on track. He's involved in every aspect of the game development. My right hand man.

Paul - Technical Architect. He's engaged in designing and testing the deployment of our 100% internet based game. He worries about security of the platform.

Chris - Technical Architect and Jack-of-all-Trades. He's working w/ Paul on the architecture, security and design of the infrastructure of the game system but he also has an art background. The marriage of technology and artistry is a bonus.

A small group but an experienced team. We all come from IT and gaming backgrounds so we work well together.


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